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  Monday, January 30, 2023
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Hi - I purchased Office Tab 10.5 in 2015. Have finally upgraded to Win2010, but have discovered that the new OS does not allow xlsx files to open in the already existing single instance of Excel when opening them from a file manager (eg Explorer). It will always open another instance. This is terrible. I can only open a another xlsx file in the existing Excel instance by File/Open or File/Recent.
I open xlsx files from the Task Scheduler. If there was an open Excel instance, they would open in that existing instance and all be displayed with their Office Tabs above each xlsx. Just Perfect! But now I see that Win2010 forces new Excel instances.
Does Office Tab 14.5 get around this problem? Will it let a file that is opened from explorer or a command line, open in the already existing instance of Excel?
I ask this question because I am nervous to uninstall 10.4 and to upgrade to 14.5 in case the licence number is not recognised.
Thank you - Neville
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