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fileCombining 2 Dependent Dropboxes

7 months 3 weeks ago #3408 by Gido
Combining 2 Dependent Dropboxes was created by Gido

Just got myself a copy of Ku-Tools and found some tools i am looking for years, i am not so in to visual basic and programming but
i think i can build what i want with your Dependent Drop-Down List but i have a question i am trying to figure out, how to combine
2 Dependent Drop-Down List,  where they build on the result of the first one.

To build on your example

You have this data range

Data range 1:
Microsoft Office Excel
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Xbox One
Apple iPhone 11
Apple iPad Pro
Apple iPhone X
Microsoft Office Outlook
Microsoft Xbox 360
Apple iPad Air
Apple Watch Series 5
Microsoft Windows 10
Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook Pro
Microsoft Windows XP
Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPad MINI
Microsoft Windows 7

Data range 2:
Microsoft Computer Peter
Microsoft Computer Sandra
Microsoft Computer John
Apple Computer Alex
Apple Computer Glenn

Everything stays the same in the "output range 1", except i add a new collum "output range 2" and i got a new dropdown menu but
based on the selection data range 1 , and now have a dropdown menu with the data range 2 

So if Microsoft is selected in the Output range 1 , then i get a drop downmenu in output range 2 with the choice
Computer Peter, Computer Sandra, Computer John   If Apple was selected i get Computer Alex, Computer Glenn

Could you help get me on the right path

Thanks in advance

Greetings from Antwerp


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