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fileRange: Transforming Cross-Tab Table to List

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6 months 3 weeks ago #3480 by
Range: Transforming Cross-Tab Table to List was created by
I'm working with 6 label columns and 19 columns that need to be unpivoted and 3500 rows.  The Range macro only captures of those one columns and unpivots the remaining columns including those that I need to remain as labels. Will you consider modifying your macro so that I retain as many of the columns that I want to keep as labels without unpivoting them?

The data that I pull can range up to 257 columns with almost 16,000 rows so the example that I'm giving you is toward the smaller range. 

Power Query limits its matrix's unpivoting command to 1,000 cross-tab rows.  I'm hoping you can help me solve this data prepping issue so I can avoid tedious work-arounds.

If you need a sample of the data set I can send that if there's interest.


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