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fileOutlook/Office 365, missing hyperlinks to detached files

1 year 7 months ago #2281 by
I'm testing this Kutools for Outlook plugin to clean up a very large mailbox (70GB in size). It has a lot of attached .pdf files. Deleting them is no option, so detaching them an replacing them with hyperlinks is a great solution.

In an test-mailbox in the same Outlook, everything worked perfectly. I selected some mails, detached the files and some hyperlinks were created and added to the mails.
But, with the mailbox i need to clean-up, the files are detached, but no hyperlinks are shown. I allready tried the " repair links"  button, but this didn't work.

Ofcourse, i didn't select all mails at one time, i'm working per month - selection is about 40-50 mails at a time. After the deattach-proces a little box pop's up saying " 0 files were detached". But, i can see them in the saved folder.

Running Outlook via Office 365 Familiy - not the business version with hosting included. Latest version, i updated this outlook yesterday just before installing Kutools.

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