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filebug (Kutools for Word - Merge) : position of Shapes is not maintained

7 months 3 weeks ago #3405 by netaamit
I merged two tiny .docx files containing lines of text in Hebrew, which is a transcription of a casual conversation. I drew half-rectangle shapes that "connect" two lines at the exact place of an overlap in the conversation (two people talking at the same time).
When I merged the files, the position of the half-rectangles did not keep its previous place in the document..
I asked the Support team and got this response: "=11.0ptSorry, we will try to enhance it in the upcoming versions."
Since I must merge more than 250 files, I need automation. It looks as though Kutools is not the right tool for me at this time.
I'll appreciate suggestions ( also by direct email ).
--Neta    (

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